Jewellry Care Tips

Your jewellery is only as good as it lasts. As much as we love accessorizing with our precious stones, we also realise how important it is to take care of them and give them the pampering they deserve. While there are a gazillion ways to look after your jewellery, here are some of the easiest ones that you can actually follow!

1. Ditch the faux cleanser:

Yes, we agree that DIY tricks were the greatest invention of all time and are so helpful to anyone and everyone. Using home remedies like toothpaste, baking powder and dish soap might help you for the moment but it only causes the ornaments to lose texture and luster in the long haul. Sometimes it may also make your pieces brittle and cause them to chip off easily. Get yourself a good cleanser from your jewellery store that is made for the purpose of cleaning jewellery only!

2. Strip it all off before your dips and don’t let anything drip:

No, don’t let your mind go where it is wandering off to! What we mean to say is that before you enter the swimming pool or a hot tub, don’t forget to keep all your jewellery off of you. The chlorine substances added in the pool are very harmful and can cause serious damage to the gems that come in contact with it. Infact, we would suggest keeping all your jewellery by the bay when there is any water activity involved. Even salt water has a corrosive response on jewellery. Fresh water is the only type of water that is unadulterated and has no additional substances or chemicals that might have an adverse effect on your accessories.

3. Extra love for your pearls:

To clean your pearls, use a soft cloth on each pearl individually. Every pearl deserves your undivided attention. A clean soft cloth run over in a circular motion will do the trick of ensuring that your pearls always have their shine and elegance. Jewellery cleansers should be used on pearls only if specifically mentioned. The chemicals in these cleansers can deteriorate the shine and luster of your pearls and sometimes even make them lose their color!

4. Jewellery has to be the last thing on your mind:

All the highlighters and lipstick finishes need to be completed before you put on any jewellery. You must apply your perfume before you get your hands on any accessory as well. Perfumes usually contain certain oils and chemicals that cause jewels to lose their shine. If gotten in touch, perfumes also tend to darken or yellow certain gems and pearls. Even makeup contains products that can cause jewels to look unattractive and can harm your pearls so much that they might break off. So, don't forget- only after all your primping, hairspray and makeup comes your jewellery.

5. Your jewellery needs to breathe too:

Stuffing all your jewellery together causes friction between them. Store your jewellery in breathable containers like cloth pouches. Microfiber cloth is a great jewellery storage material. It is soft and is made in a way that let's a necessary amount of air pass through. A microfiber cloth also is the right choice of cloth to use to clean your jewellery. Avoid tissue paper to clean or store your jewellery. Paper can be rough on the jewellery and can lead to scratches on gems. Don't keep your jewellery out on your work desk or bedside tables in any case. The particles in the air around you and the humidity levels will have an adverse effect on your jewels and they will start losing their colour only to look worn out in no time.

6. Protect your jewels like you would your investments:

The thing about investments is that you need to constantly keep checking if they are doing fine. Jewellery is also one such investment that needs your care and attention. Keep your jewellery locked in safe places. If you are travelling, ensure that your jewellery is kept locked in cabinets or wardrobe lockers. If you clean your jewellery at home, make sure that you don't overexert pressure on the jewellery or clean them over the sink. There are high chances you might lose your fine piece. Don't casually drop off your jewels, be aware of when, where and with whom you are keeping them. These were a few things you can do to take care of your jewellery and make certain that they always look new, bright and magical. We hope you don't lose your sparkle, from your eye and nor your gems!

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