Necklace length guide

If you are someone who goes to a store and looks at necklaces, wishes to buy them but can’t decide which one would look best on you, this necklace guide is for you! We get it, getting yourself the perfectly suited necklace is a difficult task but we are all novices in the beginning.

The first thing you need to know is that there are six types of necklaces on the basis of their lengths:

1. Collar, which is 14 inches in length and fits tightly around the neck.

2. Choker, which is 16 inches in length and fits tightly against the base of the throat.

3. Princess, which is 18 inches in length and falls on your collarbone.

4. Matinee, which is 20 to 24 inches in length and lies between your collarbone and bust.

5. Opera, which is 28 to 36 inches in length and lies on your bust or an inch or two below.

6. Rope or Lariats, which is 36 to 42 inches in length and falls just below the center of the bust.

Basis where the necklace will fall on your body, you can make a call on which necklace you want to buy. The safest bet for a necklace length is the princess style. It falls on your collarbone and can pretty much go with every type of outfit you have in your wardrobe (talk about budget shopping)! But, we also agree that an oomph to your outfit is added when your accessories are bang on. If your necklace just compliments your look in a way that it completes it, that’s when you know you have the best neckpiece on your hand. Also, it looks like you have actually put an effort into putting your outfit together!

Which brings us to the next necklace guide which will tell you what type of necklace will go with all the different fashion styles there are!

1. Collar:

This necklace type is perfect for scoop and boat necks, off shoulders, strapless and tube tops. It works really well with tops that have an open neckline and it really throws quite a lot of attention to the neckpiece.

2. Choker:

This necklace works well with pretty much everything. Just like the collar style, a choker is best paired up with an open neckline. The differentiating factor between a collar and a choker perhaps will only be the comfort. Where you are most comfortable with wearing the necklace, is what will help you make your choice.

3. Princess:

Our versatility maestro, a princess necklace goes with absolutely anything and everything. Any type of neckline can pull off a princess necklace. If you get one of these that can form a V shape because of its pendant, it will look perfect on low cut tops and dresses.

4. Matinee:

This is your go-to if you want to look dressed up! If you want to add an element of zing to your outfit, this is your solution. It is a great piece of accessory to amp up a casual outfit. If it is layered or has a gorgeous centerpiece as a pendant, we highly recommend you to never lose this necklace. Like ever, in your whole life. Keep it as close to your heart as you possibly can.

5. Opera:

For every time you thought that a turtleneck doesn’t have any necklace options available, we are presenting to you a revelation! An opera style necklace works perfectly with a turtleneck. Usually people prefer going loud with their earrings on turtlenecks but you can now stand out and play with necklaces instead. Because of its length, any high neckline dresses or tops or outfits match perfectly with an opera.

6. Rope or Lariats:

All those long gowns that lay in one secluded corner of your wardrobe or that one prêt-à-couture outfit that you seldom wear can be paired up with the rope or lariats style necklaces. They are the perfect choice for any elegant outfit. If the outfit doesn’t have a lot going on and is plain, this style of necklace can be heavy with pendants and stones and layering even. If the outfit however is edgy, going simple with the rope would work best.

Remember, no matter how much you refer to guidebooks, when it comes to fashion, there really is no one method. There really is no set way to follow. You can always experiment and innovate. You can find your own fashion and pull it off like a boss! Accessories are the easiest way to experiment with your style and fashion. So don’t shy away!

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